Sunday, January 16, 2011

Colour for Quilters in London

Saturday found me in London at Joyce's Sewing Shop teaching "Colour for Quilters" to a lovely group of women.  There were twelve intrepid souls who fought their way through the snow and terrible road conditions to take this workshop.
Here they are.........hard at work with their colour swatches.  We worked on colour temperature, value, using a colour wheel, bases, contrast and many other fun exercises with the fabric swatches you see piled along the centre of the table.

Well done!!  It was a pleasure to spend the day with these enthusiastic quilters.  Thanks to Diana for bringing the delicious squares.

I'll be back at Joyce's Sewing Shop to teach Colour for Quilters again on Saturday, March 12th.  If you are in the London area, come and join us.

Of all the classes that I teach, those that deal with colour theory are my favourites.  There's something about helping people to understand that learning about colour is not scary in any way.  It just needs to be broken down into manageable portions.  I find that women are terribly hard on themselves when it comes to colour.  For some reason they believe that because they are female, they should be born with a complete understanding of colour.  This is how I explain it......
You listen to music all your life but that doesn't mean that I can sit you down at a piano and you can play me a song.  Colour has to be learned like any other skill.

It's my hubby's birthday party tonight with the family.  We'll be enjoying a beef curry with basmati rice, pear chutney dinner followed by his favourite Lazy Daisy Oatmeal cake with ice cream.  All his favourites!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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  1. Thanks again for a great learning experience, Heather! I learned SO MUCH - I will never look at colours the same way again - but it sure is hard to think about saying violet, not purple!