Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year Begins!

January 1st always holds a whisper of a promise for me.  A bit of a mystery as to what will unfold in the coming months.....everyone's "box of chocolates".  Of course, my teaching schedule lets me know where and when I'll be places but not the people that I meet and the adventures along the way.  Heaven knows air travel is about as adventurous as it gets these days.  If I get patted down one more time......I'll have to start charging! Who knew a chubby, middle-aged quilter could be so shifty-looking as to require one so very often?

Our daughter married a wonderful man in August.  It took me until Christmas to finish this quilt for them.  It's a Scrappy Bargello from a method on Quiltville.  Bonnie does her quilts in scraps while this quilt is made from batiks using a palette that I put together to represent the colours of Prince Edward Island since the groom is from there.


  1. Hi Heather,
    Great way to start the New year by blogging..
    Welcome to the flock!!
    I love this quilt.. I didn't want to do it when everyone else did, but now I want to!!!!
    Project # 279 VBG
    Yours is stunning .
    Looking forward to our next sew-in day.. Hope the weather holds!!