Friday, January 21, 2011

On the Teaching Trail

I'm just heading off to teach the Log Cabin Chevron workshop for the Hamilton Quilters Guild.  Yes, that's the same group that I did the Colour Harmony lecture for a while ago.  Great bunch!  Here's the quilt we'll be making.

The colours aren't very good in the yellow version but fairly true on the black version.  The black quilt I made to replicate an antique quilt that was in a decorating magazine years and years ago.  The quilt in the photo was flung over a chair in the background of the photo but I just loved it.  I tried to be true in colour and fabric as well as the arrangements of the blocks and strips.  That's why some of the blocks in the black version do not hold true to the usual method of constructing a log cabin quilt.

One of the topics I cover in this workshop is over-dyeing fabric to make it appear antique.

The yellow version's colours were selected by choosing the same colours in the same percentages as they appeared in a photograph in a British gardening magazine.  I often use this method to obtain original colour combinations.

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