Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Block of the Month - Part 3

Part three of the Whispering Pines block of the month was held here yesterday.  Here you can see Karen and Maggie hard at work on their blocks.
That's Karen that looks really happy to have her picture taken.  SMILE KAREN!!!

We worked all day chatting, drinking tea and generally giving each other a hard time.

Here are our finished blocks from last month.   The best part of working with a group is seeing how the selections of fabric reflect the personality of the quilter and how different the blocks can look.  Mine is the block bottom left with the striped background.
Things got a little competitive in the afternoon to see how fast one could applique one of those pesky little stars.  I'm not going to mention who would only start a new round of competitiveness, I'm sure.
Just to make things more interesting while we were appliqueing our next block, my daughter's 5 month old puppy came to visit.  She was very well behaved but  I'm surprised she has any fur left at all with all the patting and cuddling she received!

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  1. Hi Heather,
    Yes we did have a great time as usual... and the pup is such a darling....
    Thanks for the lovely day. Looking forward to next time...