Monday, February 7, 2011

Great Weekend!

A good time was had by all AND we managed to get a few quilts sewn.  In my case, I got all the blocks made and about a fifth of the queen size quilt top made.  You have to keep in mind that there was shopping and eating to be done too.  Not to mention..........a wonderful on-site massage!!!!!!
I can't sing the praises of Memories Manor enough.  Jan and Deanna who own Memories Manor were fabulous hosts.  When we arrived there were two young men there ready to carry in our bags and equipment.  There was a gift for each of us on our work tables too.  The quilters each received a plastic thread case which is now happily filled with thread.   Each of us got a six foot table with an Ott light, cup holder and executive chair in what was once the parlour.  Jan took us on a tour of the home on Friday night telling us the history of the house while exploring all the nooks and crannies.
The meals were amazing with the table decorations and dishes changed for each meal.  The panty had snacks, candy and beverages available 24 hours a day plus we were fed breakfast, lunch, appetizers, dinner and late night snacks.

Several of us visited the quilt shop in town called River Place Quilt and Sew that was in the process of moving to a new location so had many of its fabrics marked down by 40%.  We were very helpful in reducing the amount of fabric that will need moving in the next couple of weeks.


  1. It was so nice meeting you and your fellow quilters. I appreciated your help in reducing our inventory. I look forward to hosting a workshop with you.

  2. Gee Heather this looks like a super place..
    Was it a guild effort in Michigan?
    Looking forward to hearing all about it....

  3. My friend goes there for Scrapbooking retreats and raves about it. I didn't realize that quilt retreats were held there too. Looks wonderful.