Monday, February 21, 2011

Hopscotch Quilt Group 2

Saturday's Hopscotch class went very well at Quilts and Calicos in Exeter.  The day always passes so quickly when we get together for a workshop.  Everyone did very well and got an impressive amount of blocks!!!  These are Marg's beautiful blocks.

Look at how much fun Linda and Helen are having!
Helen really used up some old scraps in her quilt.  She had pigs, bats, snowmen and lots of other fun things in her blocks.  Whoever ends up with that quilt will have great fun playing "I Spy".

We were talking about the blocks in the workshop.  The reason they don't look like much until you get the sashing in the block is because the blocks are exactly 50% dark and 50% light.  You need to weigh the quilt at least 60% - 40% in order to see the design.  By adding dark sashing and the dominant dark border you will change the balance of the quilt and design of the blocks will stand out.

The use of pieced borders was also discussed in the class.  One of the dangers of using a pieced border is that it can soon over-power the design area if not handled properly.  You never want to change the "visual order" in a quilt.  My rule is..... the area that contains the most work should be seen first.

Today was "Family Day" here in Canada.  It's a statutory holiday when all of the shops, schools and most workplaces are closed.  I hoped you all got to enjoy some time with family today.  Does having your son-in-law and daughter come over to clear snow for you count?  I did make lunch for them......

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