Sunday, February 27, 2011

Indian Orange Peel - Group 2

My second group of Indian Orange Peel students met yesterday for part one of this workshop.  We spent most of the morning sorting fabrics into colour groups, sorting by value light to dark then into temperature. This quilt is based on the "warm vs. cool" colour recipe so it's important to be very clear which category each fabric belongs to.  Since this was a smaller class, I had them do colour studies.  In larger workshops there isn't enough time to do this.  I teach colour studies as a separate workshop so I just combined the two.  Here are some story boards for you from yesterday's group.

Don't you just love the choice of inspirational photos?  One is from a painting, one from a tissue box and two are from National Geographic Magazine.

The Indian Orange Peel quilt is from a quilt and pattern by Karen K. Stone.

The students all chose a photograph to give them their colour palettes for their Indian Orange Peel Quilt.  Fabrics were selected in each colour found in the photograph from light value to dark value.  Most people buy fabrics only in mediums.  By doing a story board, you can really see which values are missing.  The dots on the boards indicate where more fabrics in those missing values are needed.
Warm fabrics are on the left and cool fabrics on the right side.  Neutrals must be assigned a side depending upon where more fabric is needed and the tone of the neutrals.

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