Friday, March 4, 2011

Oxford Quilters Guild Batting Lecture

The Oxford Quilters Guild in Ingersoll, Ontario invited me to present my lecture "Batting.....What's in Your Quilt?" to both the evening and morning guilds.  They were a great audience as they asked lots of good questions and took the time to talk to me afterwards.  That's always a good sign!!  Since the Oxford Guild is my home guild I knew lots of people in the audience so it was more like having a conversation with friends than presenting a lecture.  Thanks to all who volunteered to hold up my quilts and pass around the quilted samples.  You helped to make things run smoothly!
This batting lecture will be presented at the Thames Valley Quilters Guild meeting on Wednesday, March 9th in the morning if anyone would care to be a guest.
I hope everyone learned more about the batting that is available to you and how to choose batting depending upon the final use and construction of your quilts.  Remember......branded and bonded.

Regina McCarthy of McCarthy's Party Tours was visiting the guild to promote their Textile Tour of England.  Two of our members were on the tour last year and are ready to go again.  I had the great privilege of staying with Regina and her family on one of my teaching trips to Newfoundland.  I was spoiled rotten and loved every minute of it.  One of the joys of being a travelling teacher is making friends all over the country.

Leta brought this old quilt for show and share at the guild meeting.  Her sister made the quilt top in the 1940's and Leta finished it for her.  What a charming quilt!

Judy brought a quilt that she had made from ties belonging to a beloved doctor in her community.  She told us that the doctor never came to the hospital without a shirt and tie so when he passed away, she requested his ties to make this quilt.  It will hang in the hospital where he dedicated so much of his life.

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  1. Hi Heather,
    I really , really enjoyed your lecture.
    So much info I did not know regarding the different batts.Thanks very much, You always put 110% into your lectures.
    I loved Judy's Tie Quilt. What a lovely tribute and such a creative way to use the ties.