Friday, March 11, 2011

Thanks Thames Valley Quilters Guild!

Wednesday I was at the Thames Valley Quilters Guild meeting to present my lecture "Batting.....What's in your Quilt?".  This seems to be a very popular lecture recently and I am very glad of that for two reasons.  First of keeps me employed.  Second and probably more importantly, most people haven't been educated about the many batting types on the market today.  There has been an explosion of batting over the last few years.  When I first started teaching we had a choice of polyester or Cotton Classic 80/20 batting.  Now there are hundreds of battings out there from polyester, cotton, silk, bamboo, corn, soya, wool and various mixtures of all these.  Unfortunately, it has been my experience that very few people that work in fabric retail have had any education regarding the batting that they sell.  It's up to the individual quilter then to do the research.
It took me 3 months to do all of the testing and research for my one hour lecture.  That's a lot of information to sift through.  As I come across new batting, I am adding it to my lecture information.
Thanks go out to the members of the Thames Valley Quilters Guild for being such an enthusiastic audience and making me feel so very welcome at your guild.

Today was supposed to be the March Block of the Month here.  BUT this is what I saw from my front door at 7:30 this morning.  Schools were closed and our road was and still is, a mess!  No newspaper or garbage pick up either.  Spring is coming, right?

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  1. Hi Heather,
    Yes our BOM was snatched away thanks to the "Snow Queen!!"
    I was so ready with lemon curd for everyone plus a wonderful dessert that Robbie and I had to consume! sigh!
    Next time!
    Meanwhile I just set up a couple of blocks so I will be ready for next time.