Monday, March 14, 2011

The Weekend

Saturday found me teaching "Colour for Quilters" at Joyce's Sewing Shop in London's Wortley Village.  Having snowed like crazy the day before, the roads and parking were still and issue but all of the students made it in.  There was an interesting mix of experienced and new quilters in the bunch.

With Friday's Block of the Month cancelled, I managed to finish up the Postage Stamp Quilt Along quilt.  I just had two sides of binding to finish then had to wash the quilt to get the markings out.  Here's the final product.  This was fun to do as it was really fast and easy and used up a jelly roll that had been living in my fabric cupboard way too long.

I did the machine quilting on my trusty Juki TL-98Q machine.  The squares are cross-hatched and the border was a stencil design.  Crayola Washable Markers were used to mark the stencil design so it was necessary to wash the quilt in the washing machine with ORVUS PASTE as soon as the binding was finished.  I've had great luck with these markers but I buy a fresh set every year so the ink doesn't become too strong.  As with everything, test it first!!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Heather
    This quilt really is lovely... is that a good descritive word?!?!?!
    Anyway I really like it.
    You have inspired me use up some of my jellyrolls!!1 Yes that is "Jellyroll" with an "s"
    I love to shop and the result is overwhelming at times!!!!!!!
    But then I need not confess to you as it is no secret!!!
    Thanks for sharing,
    I might just try this one....(Project # 287)