Thursday, April 7, 2011

Guild Day!

It was great to be back at my home guild today.  The program was on the members' sewing rooms/studios. Members of the guild had photographed their work spaces and sent them in to be put together into a presentation.  It's amazing the different spaces that people work in!  One member works in what is basically a closet while some have had rooms purpose-built as studios that are amazing...........complete with fireplaces and easy chairs!!!  I have a very nice space too but WOW!!!
I'm also thinking that my stash really can't compare with some other members..........hmmm......maybe I should go shopping?
Ikea and Rubbermaid have been kept in business by quilters, I think.  Others were very good at repurposing items such as doors and kitchen counters for their work rooms.  Lighting seems to be the most challenging for rooms that weren't purpose built.  I know that that's the one thing I would change in my studio.  The older I get the dimmer the lights are!
I took some really terrible pictures at guild today.  Sorry, but I thought you might like to see them anyway.

Here is Terry's quilt from my "Quilts on the Wild Side" workshop a couple of years ago.  Terry is in finishing mode to get rid of some U.F.O.'s.  Great job, Terry!

This is a picture of Maureen's back.  Good, eh?
It's supposed to be a picture of Jean's hexagon quilt.  It was lovely made of batiks blending from one colour family to another.  It was one of those quilts that just makes you want to rush back to your sewing room.

I haven't even turned on my machine since getting home but hope to have some sewing time tomorrow.

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