Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Everyone!

Happy Easter to all of you.  I will be cooking a ham dinner for the family tonight.  I'm making my famous potatoes to go with the ham so if I remember to photograph it, I'll share the recipe with you later.

Yesterday we went to the Western Fair Farmers Market to deliver the cat beds and pick up some produce etc. from the market.  The place was packed!  If you get the chance to go, be sure to get some cheese from the cheese guy.  He really carries some of the best cheeses around.  Also you don't want to miss the apple fritters.

We picked Mom up from the nursing home for a drive and stopped at the General Store for ice cream.   Our first outside ice cream cone of the season!!  Yes, it has finally stopped snowing here in Southwestern Ontario!

Feeling energized.......I have been finishing up all of my charity sewing so I can get back to the serious stuff!  Five cat tote bags made from cat feed bags are done along with two more quilted things (not sure what they'll be used for).  These are made from blocks I was demonstrating in a Buggy Barn class to make their dog quilt.  These will go to Animal Outreach.  Next I finished all of the place mats for the Oxford Quilters' Guild donation to the Studio Tour this Fall.  Everyone who buys a ticket for the tour gets lunch and then keeps their place mat.

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  1. BUSY BUSY BUSY.......
    That's good Heather... keeps you out of mischief
    Happy Easter right back atcha....
    I will miss you on Wed..:-{