Thursday, June 30, 2011

Two Colour Challenge Quilt

This is my "Two Colour Challenge" quilt that I revealed at retreat last week.
The rules were quite simple:
1.  Select a package from each pile.  One a warm colour and one a cool colour.
     (The packages of colour were in brown envelopes so you couldn't see what you were getting.)
2.  Make something using only those two colours.  Use various tints, tones and shades of each of the colours in your work.
3.  Quilt and label your work for the big reveal.

As you can see, my warm colour was Yellow-Orange and my cool colour was Blue-Violet.  It was just a lucky coincidence that my colours were complementary.

The yellow-orange background was pieced with various batiks and then machine quilted.  After that was bound I cut out the petals for the flowers with fusible web on the petals and placed them on the quilt.  Once the flowers were arranged in a way that I was happy with I ironed them in place with raw edges.  I then quilted over and around the flowers to secure the petals and to add visual interest.

The others made tote bags, quilts, and needle cases.  All were wonderful and creative.  Challenges are something that everyone should try to force yourself out of your comfort zone.
This will be a great addition to my "Colour for Quilters" class.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Norfolk County Quilt Guild Show

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the quilt show put on by the Norfolk County Quilters Guild.  It was hung in the local museum so you couldn't have asked for a better venue.
What a wonderful job of the show the members did!  You could just feel the sense of pride in the members running the show.  It was such a positive show with all levels of quilters represented.
Well done!!
There was a good merchant's mall, a tea room serving delicious strawberry shortcake and a sort of quilters garage sale area where I picked up a great piece of  red-orange fabric for $2.00!
I particularly loved this antique bird applique quilt.  The quilting was spectacular and I just loved the design of it.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Back from Retreat!

House of the Prophet
Log Home at Crieff
Crieff Hills Community was the destination last Tuesday for my quilting group of friends for our annual retreat.  It's a church run facility with several buildings and lots of land with nature trails.  We rent an old log home for the three days and sew, eat, sew and eat some more.  Wonderful!
Of course, anything that happens at Crieff, stays at Crieff so I don't have any pictures.  The real reason is that I forgot my camera again.  With all the luggage we had I can't believe that I actually left anything at home!
Greenwood Quiltery
Greenwood Quiltery in Guelph
I was working on a Kaleidoscope Hexagon Quilt.  I got all the blocks finished except for appliqueing the centre circles.  I had some freezer paper with me for that job but ended up cutting the wrong size of circles. (It probably had nothing to do with the margarita I was drinking at the time.)   So.......I drove into Guelph to the grocery store to find some but they didn't carry it.  The next morning I decided to drive once again into Guelph to Greenwood Quiltery to get the freezer paper.  Greenwood Quiltery IS A BREATH OF FRESH AIR!  What a delightful shop with wonderful displays of the newest fabric lines, original kits, beautiful yarns etc. etc.  There is a sale room too with great bargains.  It's obvious that they turn over their inventory quickly and sell off their old stock.  How nice not to see a shop jam packed with old, old fabric at full price.  
So......I came home with freezer paper and some more fabrics :-)....... or so I thought.  After cutting out 124 circles I realized that the freezer paper was only regular white paper without the sticky side.   The fates had decreed that I was not to do the circles on the blocks.  Heaven knows how drafting paper ended up in the freezer paper roll at the quilt shop but I called so they wouldn't make that mistake with the next customer.  I'll just pick up replacement freezer paper when I'm working in Elora in a couple of weeks.

When I got home, my friend Jim had dropped off a gift for me.  Jim is a gifted wood worker and husband of one of my retreat friends.  The gift was a ladder to stack quilts on.  Beautiful!!  I had no trouble filling it either......
The ladder is set up in the guest room.  No excuse for being chilly while sleeping in this this part of the house.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

What a Concert!!!

Hubby and I attended the K.D. Lang concert in London at the Grand Theatre Saturday night.  I can't say that I'm a die-hard fan but have always enjoyed her music.
The Grand Theatre probably only seats about 300 people so it was a very intimate audience who were very enthusiastic.  The energy in the theatre was truly amazing!
K.D. Lang's performance was just awe inspiring.  She is definitely doing exactly what she was born to do. She almost channels music as she moves with the music as she's singing and you can feel the music in her while she sings.
The audience was on it's feet and cheering K.D. and her band.  There were two ovations too.
If you ever get the chance to see K.D. Lang perform live, I highly recommend it.  Just to be in a room with someone so gifted and who is enjoying every minute of her performance is worth the ticket price.
A good time was had by all!
photo by Jeri Heiden

Friday, June 17, 2011

Firecracker Quilt

Firecracker Quilt 49" x 61"
All that needs finishing is to stitch down the binding on the Firecracker Quilt I made this week.  There is a new ruler (new to me anyway) out called the "Lazy Angle" ruler made by Creative Grids that I wanted to play with.  The pattern is from Jaybird Quilts designer Julie Herman.  Julie has designed quite a few quilts using this ruler.  Now that I've made this quilt using a pattern I have several other designs floating around in my head.

 It's a very scary place, let me tell you!
Lazy Angle Ruler
The fabrics are mostly Kaffe Fassett from my stash.  I ordered the pattern and the ruler from The Fat Quarter Shop.  They have great service so I had the products in my mailbox within 10 days.  Not bad considering it had to cross the border and go through customs etc.

My daughter's friend is expecting her second baby in the Fall so I'm hoping she has a girl and the Firecracker quilt can be hers.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

String Quilting

Yesterday I was back at my Mom's nursing home to do the string quilting.  The residents are making a quilt for the wounded Canadian soldiers.  All of the blocks are now complete so I'll be sewing the top together and quilting it over the summer.
 Our soldiers that are wounded in Afghanistan are first sent to a hospital in Germany for surgery etc. and then are transferred back to Canada when they are stable.  The Quilts of Valour are sent to Germany for the soldiers there and they are allowed to keep the quilts they are gifted with.  It has been my privilege to send many quilts over and have over the past year taught many free string quilt classes to guilds as long as they promise to send the quilt(s) we make in class.

The residents are so pleased to be able to give back to the community and have a special place in their hearts for soldiers as most of them lived through the second world war.  I was speaking to two residents yesterday who were war brides.  How I'd love to sit and spend much more time listening to their experiences!

Rosa is still working away on her own quilt for her bed.  She made 20 blocks yesterday!  Rosa has turned into a real quilter over the past year.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Orange Peel Workshop #2

Today's workshop was the second for Indian Orange Peel (pattern by Karen K. Stone).  The students were to have all of their 100 inside arcs completed as well as the 25 centre 4-patches.  It's a lot of sewing to get that done so not everyone had their arcs finished.  We had enough to start laying out the design area of the quilt.  Here are a couple of layouts.

Students will sew the arcs into the 4-patches then start on the border units.  We'll get together in the Fall to assemble the borders and attach it to the design area.  Sewing those curved arcs into the 4-patches is a little tricky so they'll be at it for quite some time!  The quilts look amazing so far so I'm looking forward to continuing the workshop with them.  

Friday, June 10, 2011

Nova Scotia Quilt Studio Tour

Ruth's amazing Selvedge Quilt
Last Sunday the Mayflower Quilting Guild of Halifax held a fundraiser for their quilt retreat at Pictou Lodge.  I have been fortunate enough to teach at their retreats there three times and I can tell you it's a magical place.  The retreats are very well organized and the events are just so much fun.
Meredith's Downstairs Studio
Anyway, the Quilters Quarters House Tour was held from 1-5 p.m. with visits to 5 different homes to view their work, other members' work and their studio space.  Some of the quilters had a very small area in which to work and some pretty much had their entire home as a studio.  It was a great success especially since the weather cooperated.

Meredith's Upstairs Studio
(I need more fabric!)

Laureen's Storm at Sea

Valerie's African Threads display

Vivian's lovely work.

Kate Madeloso's beautiful work.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Farewell to Nova Scotia!

I have just returned from a wonderful trip to visit with my quilting friends in Nova Scotia.  My friends Barb and Peter hosted me for my visit and I was spoiled rotten!  Yes!!! We had lobster.........YUM!
Alex's Heart Quilt

Celeste's bird quilt

Penny's Ocean Quilt

While I was there I was able to participate in a meeting of the Quilt Mafia (an affectionate name given to one of the member's spouses) in Chester last Saturday.  I was honoured to spend a day with some of the best art quilters in Nova Scotia.
These are just a few of the breathtaking pieces shared.  Lots of laughter and great discussions were the order of the day as we worked on our individual pieces.

I'll save some other adventures for tomorrow's post and get back to unpacking and laundry!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Get Ready for Quilt Canada 2012 in Halifax!

That's year's Quilt Canada 2012 Conference will be in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Nova Scotia is one of my favourite places on the planet so I hope to see some of you there.  This promises to be one of the best conferences yet.  I know a number of people on the Local Organizing Committee and I know they are committed to doing a fantastic job of hosting the conference.
I will be teaching four one day workshops at the Halifax conference:
1.  Quilt Marking Mysteries - choosing the correct design for quilting, marking etc. etc.
2.  You've Got Mail - working with postage stamp 9-patches - you'll get 5 different patterns along with discussion on colour choices, 4 different methods of constructing 9-patches and much more.
3.  Fireside Log Cabins - a great stash-busting workshop for all skill levels.  No pressure workshop.
4.  Colour for Stash Quilters - a new approach to colour to help you get your stash organized into useable palettes.  So many quilters have a huge stash but end up buying new fabrics for every new project anyway.


Here are some photos for the workshops I'll be teaching in Halifax.
Fireside Log Cabin

Fireside Log Cabin

Colour for Stash Quilters
Students will make up to 6 of these story boards in the one day workshop.  We will discuss and choose patterns suitable to each palette.  A new way to think about colour!!