Saturday, June 25, 2011

Back from Retreat!

House of the Prophet
Log Home at Crieff
Crieff Hills Community was the destination last Tuesday for my quilting group of friends for our annual retreat.  It's a church run facility with several buildings and lots of land with nature trails.  We rent an old log home for the three days and sew, eat, sew and eat some more.  Wonderful!
Of course, anything that happens at Crieff, stays at Crieff so I don't have any pictures.  The real reason is that I forgot my camera again.  With all the luggage we had I can't believe that I actually left anything at home!
Greenwood Quiltery
Greenwood Quiltery in Guelph
I was working on a Kaleidoscope Hexagon Quilt.  I got all the blocks finished except for appliqueing the centre circles.  I had some freezer paper with me for that job but ended up cutting the wrong size of circles. (It probably had nothing to do with the margarita I was drinking at the time.)   So.......I drove into Guelph to the grocery store to find some but they didn't carry it.  The next morning I decided to drive once again into Guelph to Greenwood Quiltery to get the freezer paper.  Greenwood Quiltery IS A BREATH OF FRESH AIR!  What a delightful shop with wonderful displays of the newest fabric lines, original kits, beautiful yarns etc. etc.  There is a sale room too with great bargains.  It's obvious that they turn over their inventory quickly and sell off their old stock.  How nice not to see a shop jam packed with old, old fabric at full price.  
So......I came home with freezer paper and some more fabrics :-)....... or so I thought.  After cutting out 124 circles I realized that the freezer paper was only regular white paper without the sticky side.   The fates had decreed that I was not to do the circles on the blocks.  Heaven knows how drafting paper ended up in the freezer paper roll at the quilt shop but I called so they wouldn't make that mistake with the next customer.  I'll just pick up replacement freezer paper when I'm working in Elora in a couple of weeks.

When I got home, my friend Jim had dropped off a gift for me.  Jim is a gifted wood worker and husband of one of my retreat friends.  The gift was a ladder to stack quilts on.  Beautiful!!  I had no trouble filling it either......
The ladder is set up in the guest room.  No excuse for being chilly while sleeping in this this part of the house.


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  1. This all looks so wonderful. And that's a very Scottish sounding name you have ;)
    Love, Anne (yes, in Scotland!) x