Saturday, June 11, 2011

Orange Peel Workshop #2

Today's workshop was the second for Indian Orange Peel (pattern by Karen K. Stone).  The students were to have all of their 100 inside arcs completed as well as the 25 centre 4-patches.  It's a lot of sewing to get that done so not everyone had their arcs finished.  We had enough to start laying out the design area of the quilt.  Here are a couple of layouts.

Students will sew the arcs into the 4-patches then start on the border units.  We'll get together in the Fall to assemble the borders and attach it to the design area.  Sewing those curved arcs into the 4-patches is a little tricky so they'll be at it for quite some time!  The quilts look amazing so far so I'm looking forward to continuing the workshop with them.  

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