Wednesday, June 15, 2011

String Quilting

Yesterday I was back at my Mom's nursing home to do the string quilting.  The residents are making a quilt for the wounded Canadian soldiers.  All of the blocks are now complete so I'll be sewing the top together and quilting it over the summer.
 Our soldiers that are wounded in Afghanistan are first sent to a hospital in Germany for surgery etc. and then are transferred back to Canada when they are stable.  The Quilts of Valour are sent to Germany for the soldiers there and they are allowed to keep the quilts they are gifted with.  It has been my privilege to send many quilts over and have over the past year taught many free string quilt classes to guilds as long as they promise to send the quilt(s) we make in class.

The residents are so pleased to be able to give back to the community and have a special place in their hearts for soldiers as most of them lived through the second world war.  I was speaking to two residents yesterday who were war brides.  How I'd love to sit and spend much more time listening to their experiences!

Rosa is still working away on her own quilt for her bed.  She made 20 blocks yesterday!  Rosa has turned into a real quilter over the past year.

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