Thursday, June 30, 2011

Two Colour Challenge Quilt

This is my "Two Colour Challenge" quilt that I revealed at retreat last week.
The rules were quite simple:
1.  Select a package from each pile.  One a warm colour and one a cool colour.
     (The packages of colour were in brown envelopes so you couldn't see what you were getting.)
2.  Make something using only those two colours.  Use various tints, tones and shades of each of the colours in your work.
3.  Quilt and label your work for the big reveal.

As you can see, my warm colour was Yellow-Orange and my cool colour was Blue-Violet.  It was just a lucky coincidence that my colours were complementary.

The yellow-orange background was pieced with various batiks and then machine quilted.  After that was bound I cut out the petals for the flowers with fusible web on the petals and placed them on the quilt.  Once the flowers were arranged in a way that I was happy with I ironed them in place with raw edges.  I then quilted over and around the flowers to secure the petals and to add visual interest.

The others made tote bags, quilts, and needle cases.  All were wonderful and creative.  Challenges are something that everyone should try to force yourself out of your comfort zone.
This will be a great addition to my "Colour for Quilters" class.

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