Friday, July 15, 2011

Cleaning up and Clearing out

There isn't much going on this week so I've been working on a few projects and trying to clear out a few things.  Paperwork is nearly caught up.  Just a few more contracts and descriptions to write.
I have a few teaching dates still available in November 2012 but otherwise I'm booking for 2013.

Here are two piles of hand dyed fabrics that I'm hoping to get rid of.  If you pay the postage or pick them up over the weekend, they're yours!
Just leave me a comment and I'll draw names if we get more than two people wanting the piles.
Back to work!!

1 comment:

  1. I'll take the dyed fabric off your hands if you like. The Lakeside Quilters are making quilts for the Salvation Army's Bethesda House (baby quilts & receiving blankets) as well as general quilts for the SA Christmas hampers. As you probably know, the Army distributes more than 5,000 hampers at Christmas time so we're helping them out this year. I can drop by & pick up whatever anyone else doesn't want.
    P.S. Enjoyed your free enterprise rant!