Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Another Spiral Bargello

Today's job in the studio was to get the borders on the new Spiral Bargello I've been working on.  The Spiral Bargello workshop is one of the most requested workshops on my teaching list.  I have so many workshops for this booked this Fall that I needed another sample.
This is my own design but is based on a technique developed by Chris Timmons, an Australian quilt designer.
Students have their strata already made when they come to class.  It takes quite awhile to make the strata at home but it's worth it when we get together in the classroom and start assembling the tops.  Everyone's quilt looks so different depending upon their fabric choices.
Spiral Bargello is one of my favourite workshops to teach as it gives me so many opportunities to share tips and techniques with the students.
Here's a photo of the quilt top I completed today.

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