Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mississauga Quilters Guild

A big thank you to the quilters of the Mississauga Quilters Guild for inviting me to share my "Colour Harmony" lecture with them last Thursday.  You asked some great questions and were such a wonderfully attentive audience.  THANK YOU!!
One of the nicest parts of giving a lecture is when members take the time to come and speak to me afterwards.  It makes such a difference to me to know that I was able to teach them something or to reach them somehow.  The next time your guild has a speaker, go up and say "hello" and don't be shy to ask questions.
Here are the friendly members of the Mississauga Quilters Guild!

Just look at all those smiling faces!!!

I'm very pleased to announce that because there was so much interest in colour after giving my lecture that I will be returning to the guild to give my 6 hour workshop entitled "Colour for Quilters" on Saturday, March 24, 2012.  Sign up early as I know there were many people interested in the workshop.

On Saturday I shared my "Angles and Squares" workshop with the guild.  The workshop was held in one of the meeting rooms in a retirement residence. The facility was wonderful with a kitchen, lots of tables and chairs etc.  We didn't even blow any breakers!!  A few of the residents even dropped by to see what we were up to.

A big pat on the back to Diane for cutting in layers now!  I'm so proud.  More pats on the back for the other students who now never wiggle the iron and press with the grain.  
It was a most enjoyable day.  Lil allowed me to stay with her the night before and made me a terrific lunch.  Thanks to everyone at the workshop.  It was a great day!  

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