Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving Day e-Cards 2010 .

A Happy Thanksgiving to everyone this weekend.  The weather here is a glorious and sunny 26 degrees!  Last weekend I was wearing a ski jacket and this weekend I'm sporting a t-shirt and crop pants.  You just never know here in Southwestern Ontario.

The turkey is in the oven as we celebrate our Thanksgiving with dinner on Sunday.  We bought a new oven this Fall so I'm really enjoying putting it through it's paces.  It's my first convection oven.  So far I just love it.  I'm sure that cooking the turkey today will require me to try out the self-cleaning feature tomorrow.
This week I needed a break from the complicated quilt on the wall and took a couple of days to make some charity baby quilts.  I like to give them to some of the guilds that have me visit.  I also like to keep one in the car in case I need a gift in a hurry.
They are completely scrap.  The backings are made from chunks of leftover backings from larger quilts.  The batting is pieced together from odds and ends from other quilts too.  They won't win any ribbons but they are all flannel and very soft and warm.  Both are machine quilted with a stipple using variegated threads.
Made from 2 1/2" cut strips.

Dinosaurs, wizards and flowers

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