Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Cookbook is an enjoyable read!

As you all may have gathered, I love to cook.  Loving to cook translates into being an avid collector of cookbooks.
This is my newest acquisition.....
Jennifer Reese is a journalist who became unemployed.  To economize, she began to experiment making foods that she normally purchased.  She has even gone so far as raising chickens and goats in her yard.  The book is full of humorous anecdotes and wonderful recipes along with "Make It" or "Buy It" recommendations.

One of the sections I read last night dealt with making your own chicken stock.  I usually make stock when we have turkey but otherwise I've been really enjoying the convenience of the new Knorr Chicken Stock.  They take up less room in my pantry than the boxes of stock or tins of condensed stock and it costs less.  It's not always easy to find but you can usually get it in Walmart.

Reese declares that she hates making stock.  What do you do with all those slimy bones and soggy vegetables afterwards?  You can't put them into the compost.  If you put them into the garbage the raccoons rip you garbage open making a mess all over the lawn and neighbours less than thrilled with your efforts to economize.  Storing the stock takes up limited space in the freezer too.

On the upside.......making stock is cheaper than buying it when you assume that you would have thrown out that carcass anyway.  BUT the biggest argument is that if you read the labels of the leading brands, "your skin will crawl".  So, I looked at the label on my Knorr box.......big mistake!

Pass the slimy chicken bones and make room in the freezer!!!

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  1. Maybe you will be bringing one of those wonderful dishes to the potluck at the end of the month :)