Thursday, November 17, 2011

Toronto Adventure

Hubby and I spent the day yesterday in Toronto.
We were fortunate enough to get tickets to see the Chagall exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario.
The paintings were breathtaking.  The exhibit also contained paintings by other Russian artists of the same time period working in France at the same time as Chagall.  Among these works were several Kandinsky paintings.

My favourite Chagall painting is (of course) "The Bride and Groom of the Eiffel Tower 1938-9.  Unfortunately this one was not in the exhibition but I had a card to show some Chagall work in the photo below.  While we were at the gallery we also visited exhibits of the Group of Seven and sculptures of Henry Moore.  The AGO was very busy for a Wednesday afternoon.  
The Chagall exhibit is on until January 15th.  If you are in Toronto and have the time, I highly recommend it!

After the AGO went ventured down to the entertainment district to have dinner.  We ended up at a Thai Restaurant for a delicious dinner of spring rolls, stir fry beef and vegetables and creme brule for dessert.  I'm not sure how creme brule gets on a thai dessert menu but I wasn't about to argue!

Our next adventure was to see Chef Jamie Oliver live at Roy Thompson Hall. We really didn't know what to expect.  It turned out that Jamie was interviewed on stage and answered questions from the audience from cards we filled out.  It was a very pleasant evening.  Jamie was so down to earth and genuine that you felt like you were just having a chat with him in your living room.  Everyone who bought a ticket got a copy of his newest cookbook "Jamie Oliver's Food Escapes".  I'm still reading it but will let you know when I try some recipes.

What a wonderful day!  We decided to drive home even though it meant getting in quite late. The older we get, the more we like sleeping in our own bed!

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