Saturday, December 3, 2011

Orca Bay Mystery -Part 3 Done!

Ta Da!!!!  Part three of the Orca Bay Mystery is complete.
I didn't have to work today after all so I spent quite a bit of the day making the 350 half-square triangles required for the next instalment of the mystery quilt put on by Bonnie Hunter.  This one's not for sissies!
Lots of sewing but not terribly difficult.
Luckily I had Triangle Paper for a finished 1 1/2" HST.  This probably saved a day's worth of sewing right there.  Using these papers, you know that your HST's will be perfect and so trimming is unnecessary.  Thank goodness!  Trimming up 350  of the 1 1/2" finishing HSTs would have been too much for me.

The Triangle Paper is so easy to use.  First of all I ironed a black fabric and a white fabric right sides together.  Next I sprayed on the the Triangle Papers on the back with 505 Basting Spray then stuck it on the top of the fabrics.
Next I sewed with black thread along the dotted lines.
Then I trimmed the outside edges using the rotary cutter then cut on the solid black lines.
Next job was to trim off all of the "dog ears" before removing the paper or pressing.
Finally the paper was removed and they were pressed open.
That's 350 plus a few for insurance.  I always make a few more in case disaster strikes.  I've been known to slice things in half or lose pieces here and there.
Now I must get busy on my other projects while I wait for Friday's instalment of Part 4.

Are you keeping up?


  1. Your method sounds very easy and the blocks are looking great. Come on step 4. I need to do some other things too.

  2. Your method using printed papers is exactly like Inklingo without the printing on the fabric.

  3. How neat, I have heard of triangle paper but have not tried it. Did you have to do much trimming? Nice work.