Saturday, December 24, 2011

Orca Bay - Part 5 done!

Orca Bay mystery part 5 is now complete.  Sewing those 700 triangles onto the half squares took quite awhile but they look good.  I can't wait to see how they will be incorporated into the final quilt.  This mystery has been great fun to work on.  After such a busy Fall teaching schedule it's nice to do something not work related with someone else in charge!
Here are the part 5 units......all 350 of them completed....
I've made a good start on Part 6.  I love the Ohio Star blocks BUT I may just be on my way to making a Halloween quilt.  Hopefully we'll put more blues into the quilt and soften the Halloween effect!

Enough sewing for today however.  I must get into the kitchen to do a few things for our Christmas Eve dinner tonight and make pies for tomorrow.  Yes, our family has pie for Christmas dessert instead of plum pudding or carrot pudding.  This year I'm making Cranberry Apple pies.
Our Christmas Eve dinner we try to have something as opposite to turkey dinner as we can so this year we're going with Beef Curry with basmati rice, roasted asparagus and ice cream and berries for dessert.

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  1. Your mystery quilt is going to be awesome! We always have pies for Christmas dinner too.