Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Orca Bay Quilt Top......So Far

I've been sewing for days to get the quilt top done on the Orca Bay Mystery Quilt.
This is my progress so far.  I still have the outer borders to put on the quilt.  Bonnie's sample had the white 2" inner border but I'm going to audition some of the blue/turquoise fabrics instead.
This has been great fun and I'm so very grateful to Bonnie Hunter for putting on the mystery quilts.  There is a tremendous amount of work involved and it sounds like she gets thousands of questions.  All that for free!  Thanks again Bonnie!!
Since it looks like a sunset, I might have to call this quilt "Sunset Over Orca Bay".
Hope you're all making progress with your quilts.  There are some lovely colour combinations out there.


  1. Heather, yours looks so vibrant. Turquoise inner border has my vote.

  2. Beautiful!! I'm still working on clues 6 & 7, but I'll get there :)

  3. Looks like a tropical sunrise, lovely!

  4. Your color choices are totally inspiring! I admire how brave and bold you are by picking different colors. If - when - I finish my first Orca Bay, I may consider a second one!

  5. Well Done Heather..
    Love the look, The colors are amazing...

  6. Sunset Over Orca Bay sounds perfect for your quilt. Beautiful color choices!

    Love from Indiana! ~bonnie

  7. Hi Heather and Happy New Year. I love the turquoise and orange. When you come here in October to teach and stay with me I will show you my Bonnie Hunter Halloween quilt (she called it Christmas Lights but I used my stash of Halloween) in the same colours you did.

  8. Beautiful combination-it really does look like a sunset!