Monday, January 16, 2012

Penguins and Treasures

Along with being a member of the Oxford Quilters Guild in Ingersoll, Ontario I am also a member of the Mahone Bay Quilters Guild in Nova Scotia.  I've explained this before too that I'm a member of a bee in Nova Scotia too.  Through emails and my friend Barb Robson I am able to keep up with what's happening with this group of wonderful quilters and friends so far away.
Last week I received an email from the group with a pattern link to Purl Soho for the Purl Bee Penguin Pattern.  For some reason I just decided that it was a fundraiser or something so Sunday I started making penguins and here they are.......
After making the three black and white ones according to the pattern, I lost control.  Someone was messing with the penguin genetics and a Kaffe Fassett penguin arrived on the ice!  As it turns out,  Barb had found the pattern and shared the link with the bee ladies just for fun and NOT for a fundraiser project.  So, these penguins are now sitting on the table in the front hall until I find a home for them.  I didn't have enough yellow felt for the feet of the black and white penguins so I used regular quilting fabric stabilized with some iron-on interfacing.  They don't stand up as well as the KF one with the felt feet so if you do decide to make some, go and get some felt for the feet.
While I was digging out some buttons today, I came across these snaps in a jar of buttons that I bought about 18 years ago at a garage sale.  I knew the buttons must be old because they came in a huge peanut butter jar with the price of 49 cents on the lid.

I don't know if this was the first or second World War era yet but I'm going to take some time and search the internet to see if there is any information on them.  Anyone out there know anything about these?
When I first bought this jar there was the most beautiful engraved silver thimble in it.  That thimble sits in my collection on the wall of the studio.
After a little internet turns out that these are from WWII.


  1. Love your penguins! It was a beautiful day today and I wanted to go to Mahone Bay, but just too busy with other stuff.

  2. Heather these are adorable..
    you know I gotta try them. My grand daughter Rebecca has aways had a thing for penguins so she will get one for sure....
    Thanks for sharing