Tuesday, February 28, 2012

60 Degree Star Quilt

Posting has been pretty much neglected lately due to the fact that I'm just chugging away here in the studio with not much being finished.  Unless you want to see piles of half squares for the new quilt, there isn't much to show.  EXCEPT!!!!
My 60 Degree Star is back from being machine quilted by Karen Cole.  I hope you can see the lovely quilting she put on this quilt.  I'm just finishing up stitching on the binding but couldn't wait to share this one with you.  Those star diamonds are one inch finished and the quilt is queen sized.  It was a joy to make although had it did provide a few challenges along the way.  The palette was chosen from one of my favourite artist's (Normande Boisvert) paintings.  You may remember this post made long ago....

The photo is a painting entitled "Lumiere a la Riviere St-Maurice" by one of my favourite artists, Normand Boisvert.  Normand Boisvert is a French Canadian painter living in Quebec who is known for his landscape paintings.  The colours aren't showing well in the photo of this painting but the palette photo is better for colour.  The trees in the painting are all done in shades of teal.

This method of choosing palettes is called doing a "colour study".  The workshop I teach to learn this method of dealing with colour and fabric is called "Colour Studies for Stash Quilters".  It's designed to teach people to co-ordinate and use fabrics from their stashes rather than always running out to buy new fabric for every project.  I'll be teaching that workshop at Quilt Canada in Halifax at the end of May.

This 60 Degree Diamond quilt will be taught in two one-day sessions at my home classroom this Fall.  If you are interested, please just leave a comment or email to be contacted when the dates are chosen.

I'm looking for 3 more students for the Irish Courthouses two-day workshop to be held on Saturdays, April 7 and May 12 from 10-4 this Spring.  Cost is $60.00  Here's the Irish Courthouse Queen Size quilt.
Since were on the topic of workshops being taught here at my home classroom......I have 3 more openings for my Learn to Machine Quilt workshop on April 10th.  $40.00 is the fee.

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