Friday, February 3, 2012

My NEW Sewing Machine - Juki HZL- F600

I have a brand new sewing machine to play with.  My friend and fellow quilting instructor, Anita of Cottonmill Threadworks, allowed me to stay with her a couple of nights last month while I was working with the Hamilton Guild.  She had a new Juki HZL-F600 and let me play with it.  So........that's why I now have purchased the same machine.
I picked it up in Guelph from The Sewing Machine Doctor on Wednesday and have been busy since getting to know the machine and doing the "Stitch Outs" that Anita recommends doing.  Stitch outs are just taking an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of light fabric and backing it with stabilizer to test all of the stitches on the machine.  Mine took 11 pages.  The stitches are lovely and well balanced.  They look so much better in thread than as images in the instruction book.  Here are my stitch outs....

The new Juki has great lighting with two LED lights.  The older I get, the more light I need.  My other machine has one of those bendable lights but this one won't need that.  The machine came with all of the quilting feet, knee lift and an extension table too.  One of my favourite features is the needle threader.  You just push down the lever on the side of the machine and your needle is threaded!!  I have never seen one like it on any other machine.  Thread can be cut by pushing the scissor button on the front of the machine or by tapping the bottom half of the foot control.

Another thing that I'm very impressed with is the instruction manual.  The manual is just in English and all parts are relevant to the machine I purchased.  The diagrams are large and the instructions very clear.  One of my other machines I had years ago had a manual that covered 8 different machines in four languages!
You've probably gathered by now that I'm very pleased with this new machine.  My main machine will still be my Juki 98 for piecing and quilting but the F600 will be great for machine appliqué, blanket stitch and the decorative stitches on my art and baby quilts.
You don't hear much about Juki sewing machines but I really feel they are excellent value for exceptional machines.  For years Juki just made industrial machines but are now providing machines for the domestic market.

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