Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sara Parson's Show at the Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre

Hubby and I took a trip this afternoon to Ingersoll for the opening of Sara Parson's gallery show at the Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre.  Sara is a graduate of the Nova Scotia School of Art and Design.  She works full time with children, painting in her off hours.

Sara works with acrylic on canvas and mixed media in the form of three dimensional objects.  They are great fun to look at with all of the trinkets, manipulated wires etc. attached to the very colourful paintings Sara creates.  Her paintings are optimistic, joyful as well as thoughtful.  Be sure to look through the binders of Sara's work on display too.

Sara's show continues at the gallery through March 25th.  Visit the ICAC website for gallery hours.  The gallery at the centre offers a new show every month highlighting local talent in many art mediums such as photography, quilting, painting, pottery etc.  I'll be having a show of my quilts there March 2013.

If you get the chance to see the show I think you'll enjoy it.  I'd love to see Sara design a line of quilting fabrics.  Her painting style would certainly translate well into fabric.  Hmmm.......I'll have to mention that to her!

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