Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday's Tip - Foot Controls

Today's tip has to do with your sewing machine foot controls.
Many of us find that we end up in some very unusual postures as a result of the foot controls sliding on the floor while we're sewing.  I've finally found the ultimate foot control stopper after years of trying everything from rugs, rug liners, shelf liner etc. etc. etc.
Believe it or not the answer to this problem is...............YOGA MAT!!

I happened to be in Len's Mills Store a few weeks ago and they were selling pieces of yoga mats by the pound.  For just over a dollar I got enough yoga mat pieces to do 5 machines.  Now I'm thinking I should have some for under people's sewing machines to keep the machines from sliding on those plastic tables that are often in workshops.

While we're on the subject of foot controls, I thought I'd share another tip that can prevent the wires coming loose from the connections in the foot control.  Many of us are in the habit of winding power cords around the foot control to pack up.  This causes the plastic coating around the wires to crack and/or break where they meet the housing.  To prevent any wear and tear on the connection you can duct tape the wires to the housing so they can't be pulled apart.

When you are sewing, you should be sitting so that you are directly in front of and centred to the needle with the foot control directly in front of your knee.  Most people sew with their foot control off to the side.  Sewing that way will cause lower back pain.  Sitting in front of the needle will help to sew straight and avoid those "dips and dives".


  1. Thanks Heather...
    Good tips

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