Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday's Tip - Spray Basting

This week finds me machine quilting three quilts on my trusty Juki TL-98Q.  Two are for my home guild's newly formed charity group and one is a teaching sample for Quilt Canada.
I prefer to spray baste my quilts for quilting rather than pinning.  Spray basting keeps the layers together better and helps to cut down on wrinkles.
Here is the method that I use....

Painters Tape - Clips - 505 Basting Spray

The clips are from the dollar store.  I use the small and the large clips together.  Sometimes the larger clips work better on the corners.   Painters tape is strong enough to hold the fabric down but doesn't leave a sticky residue on the fabric or tables.  505 Basting Spray has less of an odour than other brands and works well.
Clip the backing tightly to the tables.  You can tape to the floor if you don't have tables.
Layer batting over backing and smooth out.

Layer the quilt top and smooth out.

Peel back the top two layers on half of the pile and spray baste.

Peel back the second half and spray baste.

Smooth the batting onto the sprayed backing on the first half.  Spray the batting.

Smooth the backing on the second sprayed layer and spray the batting.

Smooth down the top on both halves.

Now your quilt is ready to be quilted either by hand or machine.  The most important part of this process is to make sure the backing is really tight.  The action of folding the batting and top back and forth can cause wrinkles if the backing isn't tight enough.

This method of getting all three layers in place BEFORE spraying keeps everything manageable.  I used to spray the entire backing then try to get the full batting on top etc.  It was a miserable job to manage the entire batting as it invariably stuck to itself in the process.

I hope you give this a try.  In the warmer months, I don't use the table but tape down the backing on the deck outside.  If the quilt is lined up to the slats in the decking, the quilt will stay straight.


  1. Thanks Heather....
    Looking forward to Tuesdays now!!!