Saturday, April 7, 2012

Irish Courthouses Workshop

The Irish Courthouse quilt was the subject of today's workshop in  the Home Studio.
It's so nice to wake up in my own bed and not to drive to teach!  This is the time of year where teaching is the busiest so you spend lots of nights away and drive long distances.  As much as I love teaching, the travelling gets a bit much sometimes.
Anyway......the ladies had a great day and had a good start on their quilts.  This one is not a quilt that you can finish quickly but just pick away at over time.  There is a seam every inch so it's very close to making a postage stamp quilt.
Here are the blocks the quilters made today.

The students were to have two blocks finished by the end of the day.  They did that and had many of the sub-units and strips sewn too.  

Here they are hard at work!

I have a waiting list for another Irish Courthouses workshop.  The workshop is a one day workshop.   If you're interested in taking it, let me know and when I get enough names we can look for dates that suit everyone.  

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  1. Oh my! That is a gorgeous design!!! Wish I lived closer :*)