Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tote Bag Day!

My friend Janet came over for a tote bag making session this week.  She was making two bags as gifts  and I was making one for a friend's birthday present.  We used the pattern below.  It makes up very quickly using 6 fat quarters with very little waste.
Three fat quarters combine to make the outside of the bag and the other three make the lining side.  The best thing about the bag is that it's reversible!  I'd love to make one of Christmas and Halloween fabrics.
A great idea for Christmas gifts.  We had lunch out on the deck as well as a visit from a guild member as we still managed to get all three bags completed by 3:00.  A great pattern!

These are the bags that we made:
Front side

Back side

Reversed to show inside of bag.

When I was at Quilt Canada in the Spring, one of the teachers was recommending KAI scissors.  They are razor sharp and well made scissors.  I bought a pair and used them to finish up the "Goodbye Tifah" quilt with all that fussy cutting.  Wow!  This is a product that I can highly recommend.  The pair that I got cost about $90.00 including tax.


  1. I had a great time Heather. The lunch you made for us was delicious!
    Thanks again.

  2. Sounds like a great relaxing day Heather...Don't ya jus luv bags:)))
    This is a great bag pattern .. The ones you made are lovely..Love the reversible aspect...
    I get compliments on mine every time I take it along:)