Sunday, September 23, 2012

International Plowing Match

Thursday, Friday and Saturday I was working at this year's International Plowing Match being held near Roseville, Ontario.  Roseville is just west of Kitchener-Waterloo.  Although I've done judging for the Plowing Match, I never have worked at the event.  Usually the judging is done ahead of time quite separate from the event itself.
I was hired to present two lectures and one demonstration per day.  Lectures were held in the Fashion and More Tent that had a large catwalk and stage set up.  I'm used to presenting my lectures at guilds where I am fairly close to my audience so this was really different for me.  It was hard to even see the audience with all the spotlights.  That being said, the audience was terrific all three days.  Several people came up to speak with me afterwards too.
Barry, the sound man and his wife Donna who was the MC of all the stage presentations did a fabulous job.  One real drawback was how dirty everything was.  By the last day, Barry was having trouble with his equipment with all the dust and dirt getting into the controls.
My quilts are very dirty so I probably wouldn't do it again but it was a really interesting experience.
Here are some photos of the grounds.  You can see that on this day the weather was miserable but the attendance was still good.  As a result of all the mud, I am now the proud owner of some very cute new boots!  Who know they'd sell boots at the Plowing Match???...............Why those who have been there before, of course!!!  Good thing too as my shoes are caked in mud and I'm not really sure if I'll be able to get them cleaned up enough to wear again.

The "Tent City" had over 550 exhibitors.  There was an amazing variety of businesses there from wood furnaces, life insurance, food vendors, RV sales and even those super-duper slicer-dicer guys that you usually see at all the fairs.  It was great fun to wander along the roads to see everything.

This coming weekend is the Oxford Quilters' Guild in Ingersoll, Ontario's quilt show.  The quilt show will be held at the arena.  Also this weekend is our local fair in Ilderton, Ontario.  Ilderton's fair is one of the best around as it still has that old-fashioned feel to it.  I'll be putting some quilts in.   Last year I won 3 firsts and Best of Show and came home with $14.00.  It's a real money-maker but fun to participate in anyway.
I hope you make it to at least one of these events!

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