Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Working on my Angel

Things are busy here in my quilt world.  This is the time of year for lots of workshops and visits to various guilds and groups.  Great fun!
In the studio I've been working on my Angel quilt.  My husband is a very gifted photographer so I'm using some of his photos to create realistic quilt art pieces based on his work.
Here are photos of my progress so far on the Angel quilt.  It's a very slow technique as it takes about 2 hours to cover about 6 inches once you get the pattern made.
Hubby's photo.  (sorry about the glare)

My drawing on clear vinyl.  The numbers represent the different values.
Drawing transferred to white freezer paper.
Got the hands done!

 This one will keep me busy for awhile!  Once I get the fabrics onto the background I will use fabric paint to add some details and to soften some of the harsh edges.  Finding fabrics for the angel was a little tricky as they need to have a yellow-green cast.

The Oxford Quilters Guild's quilt show this past weekend was a great success.  Thanks to all who worked on this event.  What a beautiful show!  I really enjoyed the wide range of quilts in the show from very traditional to very artsy.  There were over 400 quilts in the show.

The Ilderton Fair was also on this past weekend.  I entered three quilts and won a first for my dog wallhanging, a second on my quilt entitled "Shattered" and a third on my crib quilt.  The dog quilt was also awarded the "Special" ribbon and will be used in a larger venue next year.  I won a total of $13.00 and a gift certificate.  Out of the $13.00, my membership for next year will be taken at a cost of $5.00.  So.........ta da!.........a grand total of $8.00 will enter my bank account!!!

All those winnings will probably end up in the new house we're building.  Want to see the progress so far?
The footings are poured.  The area back left is my studio.

The bathroom is in!

What are you working on?

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