Saturday, November 17, 2012

Whew! That was a busy season!

I've been a few places since my last blog entry.  Trunk shows and workshops all over the place!
Here's a photo of the lovely quilters of the quilters in the Mount Forest quilt guild.
I was in Mount Forest to teach two days of the Colour for Quilters workshop and to present my Trunk Show lecture.  They were a great audience for the lecture.  The workshops went very well except for some reason they started to pack up the tables and chairs while I was still teaching.  We had a half hour of workshop time left but it sure came to an abrupt end when the tables were being folded up.  I'm still not sure what happened there but they missed out on the final exercise of the workshop.  The upside is that I got home a little earlier.
Special thanks to Mac and Shirley for having me stay in their lovely home.  I enjoyed my time with you.

Teaching is winding down.  I have one more workshop on Tuesday then I'm done with teaching until January.  Studio work will be the priority for the next while as I get ready for another busy quilt season after Christmas.

The house is coming along very quickly.  I've made more decisions in the last couple of months than I have in the past 10 years, I think.  "Which way do you want your doors to swing open?", "What end do you want the drain and taps in the bathtub?"  etc. etc.  Things I've never really thought about.
This week we have a roof and windows!  The three windows you see in the basement belong to my studio.  We have had our meeting with the electrician for lighting.  That studio is going to be so well lit that it's going to look like high noon even if I'm working in the middle of the night.  For the past 20 years I've been working with old lamps that I've moved from place to place so this is going to be a real improvement.  Daylight florescent bulbs all over the ceiling!!!  I might have to wear sunglasses to work.
I've ordered two custom sewing tables and a cutting table from Adam Eddy of

My poor Angel quilt has been neglected with all the teaching and travelling.  Here is my progress so far.  Trying to get the curled hair to the right side of her neck was tricky.  I have a little more work to get that looking good but I'll wait until the head is complete.  The wings will be done next.

Hopefully, you are getting more studio time that I am.  Loblaws was playing Christmas carols this week........oh my!

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