Saturday, January 26, 2013

No, I Haven't Dropped Off the Planet.......

We've been busy packing, sorting, donating and pitching!!
Our lives consists of boxes and piles at the moment as we prepare for the big move February 20th.  Yes, the date changed from the house being ready the middle of April and us moving the end of May to February 20th.  The last buyer in the chain had an offer for a short closing so the rest of the people in the chain got bumped to make it happen.  Luckily, our builder could make the new deadline.
We were up to the new house yesterday.  The kitchen was being installed and it looks absolutely amazing.  Unfortunately, there were a few problems in other areas such as my office cabinets didn't fit and the laundry room "deal on the cupboards" has turned out to be not such a great deal.  The good news is that it all can be fixed.
The landscaper came yesterday with drawings............oh, dear!  We have a house in the middle of the woods and he wanted to landscape it like we were in some high end subdivision in London.  Hopefully he went away with the message that our mantra for the new house is "Simplify".
It has been an interesting experience building a new home.  This adventure has turned into a full time job though.  (This explains the lack of postings!)
On the studio front..........ta da!!!  I finally finished the design work on the Angel quilt.  I just have to quilt it now.  Here she is...

Yesterday I painted the areas that required shadow and blending.  You can see the shadow along her arms to make them stand out.  I'm very pleased with this piece so far.  The quilting is going to be a bit tricky.  I want to add some dimension but don't want to ruin the effect of the fabrics.  Misty Fuse was the fusible I used on the fabric so it will not be too thick to quilt through.  Misty Fuse doesn't have the staying power of Steam A Seam or other heavier adhesives so I'm afraid that some might curl up when I'm quilting it.  I'll let you know.
When I did the dog quilt, I used Steam A Seam 2.  It worked very well and I could move pieces around and restick them which made things easy to put onto the background fabrics but the quilt is a bit stiff.
Tomorrow I'm off to the Cherished Pieces Quilt Retreat at the Elmhurst Inn in Ingersoll.  We had a wonderful time there last year so I'm very excited to be going back once again.  There's nothing like getting away for a few days with your quilting buddies to a retreat.  I even have a massage booked for the spa there.  It will be a nice change from packing boxes!

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