Sunday, June 23, 2013

I'm Back!

Hello!  Yes, I took a blogging break for awhile but I hope to pick it up again.
Thank you all you local readers who gave me the "shove" I needed.
When I set up this blog I was hoping that it would generate some teaching/lecturing opportunities.  So far, that hasn't happened.
The most unexpected thing has been that friends far and wide check in to see what's new.
So.....leave me a comment now and again so I know you're out there.  Those stats might just be fiction, you know!

Things have been busy here at the new house.  I'm quilting two Mondays a month with the quilters in my community here.  They are a warm and welcoming group of fun ladies!  I enjoy spending time with them all.  We made some charity lap rag quilts from flannel and denim last month.  Those quilts are being sent to the women's shelter in Goderich.

I've been teaching quite a bit.  Here are some photos of the lovely ladies of the guild in Brockville.
The took the Colour for Stash Quilters class.  They made story boards of palettes using photos.  I'm really thrilled with the work they did and how enthusiastic they were about learning a new approach to choosing fabrics for a quilt.  Well done!

I'll be teaching this workshop quite a bit in the Fall.  For a teacher there is no better reward than seeing students "get it".  If you've taken the Colour For Quilters workshop, this would be a great second workshop to take.

My friend and fellow quilt artist/teacher Karen Henry stopped by for a weekend between teaching gigs.  Karen is an amazing quilt artist and also a fellow recipient of the Canadian Quilters' Assoc. "Teacher of the Year" award.  The annual Art Studio Tour was on that weekend too so we enjoyed touring to see the many talented artists in this area.  Of course, we made Karen navigate!
Karen enjoying some Southern Ontario sunshine. 

This barn was at one of the artist's home.  I was thinking of my friend Janet when I saw this.
Get out the paint brushes, Janet!!!

I taught a new workshop on Locker Hooked Rugs.  What a fantastic way to use up some ugly fabric strips!  With all of the strip exchanges I've participated in, I had some priceless ones!  The strips are cut 1" wide and worked on a regular latch hook 1/4" canvas with a special locker hook.
Ignore the cat printed on the canvas.  The strips are random.

Rolls of 1" strips of fabric are wound onto a cardboard tube.

The locker hook.

I love hooking these rugs and can't wait to start my next one!
If your group is looking for workshop that's a little different, book this one day workshop!

Hubby and I are really enjoying our new life here in the woods.  The landscaping is pretty much finished.  Just the downspouts and stairs from the screened porch to the patio need to be done.  Most of the people that we worked with to build the house have been just amazing.  BUT it will be nice to have the house to ourselves at long last.  
We've had some interesting visitors here too......
This very old snapping turtle laid eggs right there!

Deer come on the property quite a bit.  So far he hasn't found my herb garden.
I'm afraid my herbs are going to end up as a deer buffet!

I'm working on a new pictorial quilt of three polar bears.  This quilt is not as detailed as the Angel quilt but has several challenges as well.  Below is the starting up photo.  With luck I'll have a finished photo in a couple of weeks.

Thursday through Sunday is the North Lambton Quilters Guild's quilt show at the Lambton Heritage Museum just outside of Grand Bend.  I have two quilts in the show.  Please drop by!!  There are merchants and a lovely tea room too.