Sunday, November 17, 2013

Nova Scotia Teaching Tour

Hello Quilters!
I'm back from my Nova Scotia teaching tour.  It was a very successful two weeks both for myself and my students.  What a wonderful visit I had with old friends and a few new ones that I made on the journey.
My luggage was definitely "extreme"!!!!  Only one workshop was taught twice so I had lots of packing to do.  Air Canada wasn't too pleased to see my two huge yellow hockey bags full of quilts.  One bag was 49 pounds and the other 48.1.  The limit is 50 pounds.
My first stop was Mahone Bay where I stayed with my friend Barb Robson and her husband in their newly acquired 145 year old home right behind the famous three churches.
We had lunch with my bee.  Such a special groups of friends!!  I hardly get to see them but they are all very special.  Sandra hosted the lunch with delicious sandwiches and sweets.  The best part though was catching up with everyone's news.
Sandra's Pumpkin Display at Bee

The next day, Barb and I headed off to Avonport Discount Fabrics to our friend Faye's shop.  As usual, Faye had to ship my purchases home.  Faye has great fabrics all at incredibly reasonable prices so I always go overboard while I'm there.  It's a great opportunity to pick up fabric for backings and charity quilts
I am a member of the Mahone Bay Quilters Guild where I taught the Fireside Log Cabin and Colour Studies for Stash Quilters workshops.  At Monday night's meeting I presented my Tips and Tricks lecture.
Fireside Log Cabin in Mahone Bay

After a week with Barb and her husband I was taken to Lawrencetown to stay with another Barb and her husband.  They have a lovely home that they built overlooking the ocean on the eastern shore.  I especially liked the walking paths around their home and taking their dog Daisy with us.  The wonderful ladies of the Lawrencetown Sew-ciety spent the day with me doing the Scrappy Star Quilt workshop.  Lots of colour theory and fabric trading went on.  What a great day!

The Bride's Quilt in Halifax

Next I went to Dartmouth for the Mariner's Quilt Guild.  Again I got to stay with a friend, Deanne in her lovely home.  We had a great time catching up with each other.
The Mariner's group took two workshops with me.  The first day we did The Bride's Quilt and the second day we did the Log Cabin Chevron Quilt.  We had two wonderful days together at the workshops held at St. Mary's University in Halifax.  Karen Henry kindly had me over for supper while I was there.  Again, it was great to catch up with a friend.

Deanne wins for the tidiest stash ever!!!!
Next I was off to Cape Breton for a few days.  It was a real treat for me to stay with Anne Morrell-Robinson.  I've known Anne for years but had never been to her neck of the woods before to stay with her.  What a lovely place she and her husband have in the Margaree Valley in Cape Breton.  It is quite remote.......I loved it!  I even managed to spot two moose at her place to make my trip complete.
This is the scene from her studio door as we were getting ready to leave...

The workshops in Cape Breton took place at the community centre in Belle Cote.  Those brave ladies of the Celtic Quilt Guild took both colour workshops back to back.  They rose to the challenge but I think they were very tired when I left!
Colour Study boards...beautiful ladies!!!
Julie was kind enough to drive me to the airport in Halifax for the trip home.  
It was an exhausting trip but I loved every minute of it until.............
I had to fly with Air Canada.......
Who put me on stand-by even though I had purchased my tickets in August and had checked in 14 hours before the flight.
I have never met a group of employees who give you the impression that customers are really a nuisance.  I'm sure it would be easier to run an airline without paying customers but I'm pretty sure they'd be out of a job in that case.  It was a frustrating return trip but I finally made it home.

A big THANK YOU to everyone in Nova Scotia who made my teaching trip such a success.  It takes a great deal of planning and time to make the workshops happen and I really appreciate how smoothly everything went.  To my spoiled me rotten!!  Thank you!!


  1. Sounds like a great time, Heather. I'm excited to see the additions to your stash!

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