Friday, March 28, 2014

Puss in the Corner Quilt Tutorial

Hello Quilters!
I've had a few people ask about the crib quilt made with the Puss in the Corner blocks.
Here's a tutorial to help you make your own version.

Supplies for a crib quilt measuring 40" x 56"

1.30 metres of light fabric (1 3/8 yards) cut into 18 - 9 1/2" squares or use layer cakes, trimmed.
18 dark and medium 9 1/2" squares or use layer cakes, trimmed.
.40 metre of binding fabric (1/2 yard) cut into 6 - 2 1/4" strips.
1.60 metres of backing (1 3/4 yards)

Place two squares, both right side up, on top of each other.

Cut through both squares 2 1/2" from all four raw edges.

Cut squares.

Shuffle the corners and centres so that you have two opposite blocks.  Repeat with all pairs of squares.

Stack them up and chain piece the sections together. Press open or toward darks.
Chain piecing the units.

Two seams to go!

Completed pair.

Arrange the blocks alternating a dark centre with a light centre.
Sew together in rows.  Quilt and bind!!!

 Blocks are arranged 5 across by 7 down with the blocks alternating dark and light corners.
 My quilt is stipple quilted using King Tut variegated thread.
I think the light fabric that I used was a bit too busy for the design but I was only using fabrics from my stash and that fabric had been living in my cupboard far too long!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy Spring........I Wish!

Hello Quilters!
Yes, it's Spring apparently........  Not seeing much evidence here other than strong sunshine.  It's still quite cold with lots of snow left on the ground and still ice on Lake Huron.  Oh well, more time to quilt!
It's been a busy time here.  I had the opportunity in February to go to Mexico for a week with my daughter.  We had a wonderful time together.  When your children become adults with their own lives sometimes it's hard to have one-on-one time.  To have a week together was just so much fun!!!
It seems I am partial to Mango Tangos......enough said.
Valentin Imperial Maya Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico.
The North Lambton Quilters Guild had a charity quilt day in March.  There was a great turnout to come and make pro-bono quilts for people going through some tough times.  This is the quilt that I made that day.
The pattern is called "Second Floor Walk Up" by Susan Guzman.  The pattern was printed in the Winter 2013/2014 McCall's America Loves Scrap Quilts magazine.  I'm trying to use up a bunch of old plaids from my stash so that's what into this particular quilt.  Often we end up with too many feminine quilts.  This one is more of a masculine one.  The quilt was cut out when I arrived for the day at 9:00 and the top was completely sewn by 4:00 when we ended.  Quick and easy......a good recipe for charity quilts.

I was also playing around with quick ways to come up with fun quilts using layer cakes or 10" squares.  Here's what I came up with.  The quilt is the traditional "Puss in the Corner" block quilt but the method is fun and easy to do.  It would make a good mystery workshop where the students could trade 10" squares to get variety into their quilts.

I spent about a week cutting out all the pieces for a new Log Cabin quilt.  It will be a large queen size quilt when I'm finished.  When I get busy teaching, I like to have a project on the go that I can just do a block here and there chipping away at the quilt in between trips.  
The test block.

Dark strips cut and placed in cutlery tray.  Dark trays for dark fabrics.

Light strips in light cutlery trays labelled for size.  
Keeping the cut strips in cutlery trays keeps them from distorting and they are easy to transport if I'm going to a retreat out to quilt.  It's a little Type A but it works!

I had a great visit with the New Millennium Quilt Guild this week in Walkerton, Ontario.  What a lovely group of quilters!  They had me present the "Tips and Tricks for Quilters lecture and the Angles and Squares workshop.  A big thank you to Helen and Mike for allowing me to stay with them during my visit.  I will be returning to work with this group doing Colour Studies.
The Walkerton Quilters
THE BIG NEWS!!!!!!  My quilt entitled "Faith", the angel was juried into the National Juried Show!!

Here are some photos sent to me from the Mahone Bay Quilters Guild of two completed Fireside Log Cabin Quilts.  I just love it when I get to see the finished quilts!!!
Barb's quilt.

Helen's quilt.
I'll be teaching my Colour for Quilters workshop tomorrow in London, ON to the London Embroiderers' Guild.  I hope to see some of you there.