Friday, March 28, 2014

Puss in the Corner Quilt Tutorial

Hello Quilters!
I've had a few people ask about the crib quilt made with the Puss in the Corner blocks.
Here's a tutorial to help you make your own version.

Supplies for a crib quilt measuring 40" x 56"

1.30 metres of light fabric (1 3/8 yards) cut into 18 - 9 1/2" squares or use layer cakes, trimmed.
18 dark and medium 9 1/2" squares or use layer cakes, trimmed.
.40 metre of binding fabric (1/2 yard) cut into 6 - 2 1/4" strips.
1.60 metres of backing (1 3/4 yards)

Place two squares, both right side up, on top of each other.

Cut through both squares 2 1/2" from all four raw edges.

Cut squares.

Shuffle the corners and centres so that you have two opposite blocks.  Repeat with all pairs of squares.

Stack them up and chain piece the sections together. Press open or toward darks.
Chain piecing the units.

Two seams to go!

Completed pair.

Arrange the blocks alternating a dark centre with a light centre.
Sew together in rows.  Quilt and bind!!!

 Blocks are arranged 5 across by 7 down with the blocks alternating dark and light corners.
 My quilt is stipple quilted using King Tut variegated thread.
I think the light fabric that I used was a bit too busy for the design but I was only using fabrics from my stash and that fabric had been living in my cupboard far too long!


  1. Hi Heather.. Thanks so much for posting the visual tutorial for us. I think your fabrics look together.

  2. Looks great Heather. Thanks for the tutorial.