Friday, August 1, 2014

Tornado Update

Hello Quilters!

Thank you all for your kind offers of help and concern.
Hubby and I are doing just fine, if still a little dazed.
The structural engineer has been in and has determined that the main girder is not damaged so we will be able to stay in the house while the reconstruction is done on the south side of the house.  I'm not sure if we'll be able to stand the mess and the noise but at least the house won't fall on our heads.  We won't know the timeline for a couple of weeks for construction.

The entire neighbourhood is in a terrible state.  Our house was minor compared to some here while other properties weren't even touched.

Here are some outside photos.
Cranes lifting fallen trees off of houses block the road.

Our backyard. 100+ year old oaks fallen.  Roots torn out of the ground.
What's left of the trees in our front yard.
We lost 13 mature trees and many smaller ones.  We will know more about the backyard once the crane has been in to remove the dangerous trees.  The neighbourhood is so noisy with chainsaws, chippers, trucks and workers.  Usually it's very, very quiet.
The workers must be exhausted.  There are tree companies from all over Southwestern Ontario here.

The most surprising thing for me has been the lack of assistance/response from the outside world.  I had always thought that if you had a natural disaster strike that there would be all kinds of agencies and organizations turning up to help.  Since all of the damage was to private property, we have been abandoned and left to our own devices.  The municipality even had to be strong-armed into agreeing to pick up branches from the roadsides.

The emergency services were very quick to respond on Sunday night when the tornado hit.  The volunteer firemen and women were going door to door to check on people.  Union Gas responded to the gas leaks and the roads were cleared as quickly as possible from fallen trees so that emergency vehicles could come through.

Monday was the worst day.  There were so many people driving through to take a look at the damage and take pictures that they clogged the roads and prevented service vehicles and tree cutters from working effectively.  Those people never offered to help anyone but just be entertained by others' misfortune.......shame on them!!!

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