Sunday, September 14, 2014

How to Host a Speaker in your Guild.

I wrote this awhile ago but thought it might be worth repeating since most of the guilds start up this month.

Rules for having a teacher/guest speaker to your guild.
1.  Have a parking space reserved close to the door for the speaker so unloading won't be so difficult.
2.  If the teacher has to drive for more than 2 hours to get to your venue, you might consider asking her to come an hour early and have dinner with you.
3.  Have someone to assist the teacher with set up and take down.
4.  Have a glass of water available to the speaker.  You get a little dry talking for an hour.
5.  Pay the teacher immediately after her lecture.  With a long drive back home late at night she shouldn't have to sit through your business meeting.  Request an invoice when she arrives or have it emailed before the date of the meeting.
6. If the teacher is being billeted by your guild, make sure that the billet is close to the teaching venue.  Driving for 30 minutes to get from the billet to the teaching venue makes for a long day.

Any professional teachers out there who would like to add to my list?
Charity Quilt using up kid's print leftovers.

I haven't had a lot of time in the studio lately so I thought I'd show some of the things I'm working on.

Test Block - really fussy cutting required - this may not go further than one block!

Chipping away at this lap quilt.  Love the fabrics!

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  1. I LoVe the quilt you are chipping away on Heather! A class maybe? :)
    The kids will love the I Spy charity quilt you have made. You always have a project on the go. How is the re build coming along? Take care.
    Hugs Marg.