Friday, November 7, 2014

Houston Quilt Festival

Hello Quilters!
The International Quilt Festival was so energizing and mind-blowing, I can hardly wait to go back.
The quilt displays were the best I have ever seen both in terms of technical and artistic skills but also in the way the shows were hung and arranged.  It took us two days to see all of the quilts and another two days to see all of the merchants........all under one roof.
Going to the Festival has been on my bucket list since it's inception.  Funny thing about this bucket list of mine, instead of checking it off completely......I just want to go back again!  Paris was the same thing.  Maybe I'll be luck enough to do both.
I'm already planning to return to Houston in 2016.
Red and White quilt display in Houston.
The display of the red and white quilts was just breathtaking.  The addition of the red carpeting underneath the display was perfect for photography and the lighting perfect.  Well done!
I can hardly wait to make a red and white quilt for myself now.  For years I've promised to make a Christmas quilt for our bed but never seem to get to it.  This might just be the catalyst I needed.  Want to join me in making a red and white pineapple quilt????

Here are a few more of the many, many quilts on display that I loved.  The photos were taken with my iPhone so they aren't the best quality.  The phone takes great pictures but I have trouble holding it steady when I pouch the button.

SAQA had the most amazing display of quilts with the theme of "Silver".  It was just so inspiring that I actually finally took out a membership.  Maybe the membership will help me to keep focusing on my art quilts.  To watch a slideshow of the Silver exhibition click here slideshow.

My friend, Shirley and I really enjoyed everything that Houston and the Festival had to offer.  Since Shirley is a long-arm quilter, she was focusing in on the quilting on the exhibition quilts.  Look what followed her home!!!  I talked her into the red thread so she can quilt my red and white quilt whenever I get that done...

Tomorrow I will be teaching Colour Studies to the lovely ladies of the London Embroiderer's Guild.  I look forward to spending another day with them.  If you are interested in this workshop I think there is still room in the workshop at Joyce's Sewing Shop in London on November 29th.

Colour for Quilters is being offered at Cherished Pieces in Tillsonburg on November 22nd.

Stay warm!