Thursday, February 26, 2015

Busy Winter!

Hello Quilters!
I seem to remember promising to be better at posting in 2015.  So far.....not so good!
That doesn't mean that I've been idle though.
Here are a few finishes since I last posted.
First is a lap size Bear Paw quilt.  I'm working on the queen size version at the moment and am quilting the table runner today.  This is a new workshop that I am teaching in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia April 11th.
Bear Paw

Beautiful quilting by Shirley!
Next is "Metro Waves" from Sew Kind of Wonderful and their Quick Curve Ruler.  The pattern doesn't make sense at all so I'm making another one that will be MUCH easier.  Having said that, I am very happy with the quilt.  The fabrics are all out of the stash including the backing.  It is a mixture of my hand-dyed fabrics and Kona cottons.

More lovely quilting by Shirley!
Here is another quilt from Sew Kind of Wonderful.  This time it's from a kit I purchased while in Houston for the Metro Medallions quilt.  I just loved the fabrics so I had to have the kit.  As with so many kits (agh!!!!) the fabrics in the kit were not in the right amounts so I had to add a few from my stash.  This one went together very well using the Quick Curve Ruler and the pattern.

Metro Medallion Quilt
I am teaching  the Sew Kind of Wonderful quilts at Kalidoscope of Quilts in Exeter.  Check for dates a little later.

Gotta Love those fabrics!
My tote bag's zipper died so I had to make myself a new one (on the left).  The main fabric was from a dress that was too big for me now so I just cut it up.  I was amazed to find perfect coordinates hiding in my stash.  The bag on the right is for my daughter.  The fabrics are left over from the Voyager Tote that I made for her for Christmas.  She now has a matching set!  The pattern for the bag is from an old book entitled "Easy to Make Totes with Zippers" by Taylor Made Designs.  I have made most of the totes in the book over the years all with great results.  Pretty good results considering I HATE installing zippers.

Work is slow on The Wolves Project as I have been busy making the quilts above for teaching.
I have one wolf completed and am busy working on the second one.  I'm very happy with the progress so far.  Putting in the eyes at the end always makes a huge difference to the work.  Wish me luck!!
Wolf number one (of  three).
Hubby and I managed to get away for a one week Caribbean cruise on Celebrity Cruise Lines.  It was nice to miss that one week of frigid temperatures and enjoy a little sun and pampering.
Caribbean Sunset from our balcony.
Probably my most notable accomplishment since my last post has been to FINALLY get my recipes in order.  I have papers  and cut outs from magazines all over the place.  It took me most of a day but I now have them all contained in labelled binders.  Not only that......(TA DA) I cleaned out my cookbook cupboard and donated those cookbooks I don't really use.  Those cookbooks that I only like one or two recipes in, I photocopied those pages and let the books go.  Whew!

It only takes a cold winter to finally get things organized!

I found this in one of my journals yesterday:

Definition of Art:  "A product of the human hand, in whatever medium, which expresses something of the human soul and strikes a responsive chord in the viewer."


  1. Letting go of cookbooks is so hard, kind of like finally cutting into soecial fabric!

  2. That was meant to be "special" fabric!

  3. Looks good Heather! Sounds like you had a great time on your cruise.

  4. I really like your bear paw quilt and good idea for those many cookbooks...