Friday, March 20, 2015

Is It Spring Yet???

Hello Quilters!
Things are slowly starting to show that Spring might just come this year but isn't in a hurry!
We can't complain though.   I've been looking at my friend's Nova Scotia's photos on Facebook.  What a winter they have had and it just keeps on snowing.
I'm teaching in Nova Scotia in April but I don't think the snow can possibly be gone by then.  Looks like I'll have to pack boots along with my usual two hockey bags of quilts.

In the studio, work continues on The Wolf Project.
The wolves take a considerable amount of time but I'm so pleased with the results so far.  Of course, the addition of the eyes, quilting and painting will make even more of an impact.  One step at a time!
Don't you just wish the elves would come in and lend a hand sometimes????

The other big project is a queen size version of The Bear Paw quilt that I showed in my last post.  My nephew needs a new quilt so that will be for him once I'm finished with all of the Bear Paw classes.  There are two other piles of fabric here in the studio for his two brothers' quilts whenever I can get to them.

I won a prize!! Before you get too excited for me, have a look at my photo below.  Yup, first prize for St. Patrick's Day costume here at the St. Paddy's Party.  Whoohoo! One bottle of Bailey's!

Enjoy your last few weeks of quilting weather.  I'll see you on the teaching trail!


  1. Love the socks and yes bring, maybe that should be hip waders!

  2. You never fail to amuse me :) and this is no exception! I LoVe the outfit! You are always up for any challenge. The wolves in progress are awesome! You certainly are a very talented lady! Hugs Marg.

  3. your wolves quilt is looking great, would love to see your finished bear paw. Love your St Pat costume.