Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Not Spring Yet!!!

Hello Quilters!
It snowed a couple of days ago.  What's up with that???  Today it's raining and about 3 degrees so I guess Spring will just be taking a little longer than I'd like it to.

Hubby and I did get away from this cold weather with a two week trip to Costa Rica.  It was another photography tour but with a vacation component too so I went along for the fun.  If you have never experienced Costa Rica, I highly recommend that you put that closer to the top of your travel wish list. What a magical place it is!  The wildlife is wonderful, the people friendly and the tourism really well done.  We stayed in 4 different places and liked them all.

Our bungalow. You could hear monkeys screeching in the trees.

Photo taken from the platform where I took Yoga.
This particular place was called Bosque del Cabo.  I can't say enough good about our visit here.  The food served was especially good and the staff warm and friendly.

Very little work has been done in the studio.  The Wolf Project has a bit more done and a few more Bear Paw blocks have been completed for the queen sized version of the quilt.  Going away for a two week vacation does slow things down a bit!!
The third and final wolf is emerging!

More Bear Paws
I'm all packed to head off to Nova Scotia for some teaching and lecturing early tomorrow morning.  What a treat to meet up with old friends, share some colour knowledge and see some sights. Oh....and EAT SOME LOBSTER!!!

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  1. I forgot to tell you that LOBSTER is on the schedule and menu for Wed. night.