Friday, May 29, 2015

Progress on The Wolf Project

Hello again.
I forgot to post a photo of the progress on The Wolf Project.
The eyes went on today so that just leaves the snow before I can move onto the machine quilting.  That will be nerve wracking as you can't rip the quilting out or it leaves gigantic holes.  One shot and that's it.  Once the quilting is done, I will paint in the shadows and any corrections.

I'm taking a class with David Taylor next week.  That means I'll be starting another photo-realistic quilt so the Wolves had better get done soon or I'll be working on two at once.  NOOOOOO!!

The eyes give the wolves real personality.  
I was so lucky to find the perfect background fabric.  Finding the snow fabrics has not been as easy however.  I don't want it too white but I also don't want it to look like chunks of wolf have fallen on the ground......sorry that's how my brain works.........

Happy Quilting!

Busy Quilt Season!!!

Hello Quilters!
I know it has been far too long between blog posts.  My only excuse is that I have been away and teaching so much that I've probably caught up with many of you in person.

My trip to visit with the many wonderful quilters in Nova Scotia was an amazing one.  Thank you all so much for your friendship and hospitality once again.  You are truly special quilters.

While there, I had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with my friend and quilt artist, Laurie Swim in her studio.  Laurie is working on two very large projects at the moment.  One is a memorial quilt to commemorate the Halifax Explosion of 1917.  Next year will be the 100th anniversary of the largest man-made explosion prior to the bombing of Hiroshima.  In the explosion, close to 2,000 people died and many more were injured.  Many of those injured became blind as a result of the flying glass.
Laurie's images on fabric are almost haunting.  Laurie snow dyed the fabrics for the background using indigo dyes as the scars of the survivors often had a blue tone to them from the gunpowder.
Please take the time to visit Laurie's website to read about this amazing project.  She is a true Canadian treasure!  Laurie has cards and prints of her work online or you could visit her gallery in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia if you are lucky enough to visit there.

The winter everywhere in Canada seemed more severe this year but I have never seen anything like the winter in Nova Scotia.  This is a photo I took in Mahone Bay after a week of snow melting.
No one will be using this front door entrance for quite some time!
I was so fortunate to stay with my very good friends Barb and Peter once again while working with the Mahone Bay Quilters Guild.  It always feels just like going home when I'm there.  In fact, Barb always greets me with a "Welcome Home" as soon as I arrive.  We had our traditional lobster dinner.......YUM!  We also enjoyed an afternoon of catching up with our bee.  What a wonderful group of women they are!  It's so nice to be considered a "member of the bee" even though I only get to a meeting occasionally and sometimes by Skype.

While I was working with the Mariner's Quilt Guild I was hosted once again by Frank and Barb who spoiled me rotten.  Barb and I took a walk along the beach near their home and found lots of inspiration there for future quilts.

My amazing and talented friend Karen Henry arranged for us to have an afternoon of catching up.  Karen's work is so inspiring!  Those of you who are going to Quilt Canada in Lethbridge, Alberta will be able to take one of her workshops and see her work on display.  I'm afraid I used her couch for a tiny nap before my evening lecture too!  Oops.........these things happen near the end of a teaching tour!
The lovely quilters of the Mariner's Quilt Guild.  Thank you!

When I arrived home once again (after yet another tangle with Air Canada!) I received one of the nicest emails.  Sometimes you wonder if you've made a difference with all this travelling and teaching.  I'm always so touched when people take the time to write me.  Here is the part of the email that helped me know that I've made a difference "You skillfully convey a lot of information with passion and energy, warmth and humour (key element if you ask me) but without a hint of superiority.... I always feel like I can accomplish a little more, and be a slightly better quilter after I see you."  WOW......thank you!

A few days after being home I had the privilege of visiting with the members of the Buckhorn Quilters.  This has to be the more organized group of quilters I have ever met!  Thank you for your amazing hospitality.

I've been a few other places since then and shared my work and lectures with lots of wonderful quilters.  This is beginning to sound like a travelogue so I'll stop now.

I hope you found the time to visit the Ailsa Craig Quilt Festival featuring the Quilts of France.  What an inspiration those quilts were.  One of the quilts had the finest hand quilting I have ever seen!  Next year's quilts will be from Latvia.

There is a new quilt venture happening in St. Mary's, Ontario called QuiltX that will be held September 18 and 19, 2015.  I will be presenting two lectures on Saturday the 19th so please come by and say "hello".

Kalidoscope of Quilts in Exeter has signed me up for seven workshops.  Here are the dates:
August 12 - Fireside Log Cabin
August 19 - Jelly Roll Mystery Quilt
October 17 - Colour for Quilters
October 24 - Bear Paw Quilt
November 7 - Metro Medallions
November 14 - No Fail Binding and Rotary Cutting Magic


We need some pillowcases for the children undergoing chemotherapy in London, ON.  Each child receives their own pillowcase to take home with them.  One of the quilters was telling me that one boy showed up for his treatment and said, "I can't have my treatment!  I forgot my pillowcase at home."  The quilters of Zurich are spearheading this project.  They are looking for pillowcases suitable for both boys and girls of all ages.  They are looking especially for Christmas fabric pillowcases that the children can receive during the month of December.  I use the "hot dog" method for my pillowcases.  There are lots of videos on YouTube if you need to learn this method.
Pillowcases can be dropped off to me and I will deliver them.  Please dip into your stash a make a couple for these children fighting this terrible disease.  It seems so unfair!!
Feel free to email me if you have any questions.  THANK YOU!

I'm off to Cherished Pieces in Tillsonburg tomorrow to teach my Cobblestones quilt workshop.

"Giving up on your goal because of a setback is like slashing your other 3 tires because you got one flat tire."