Friday, June 26, 2015

Pillowcases for Children Undergoing Cancer Treatment

Hello Quilters,

A couple of posts ago I made a plea for readers to make pillowcases for children undergoing cancer treatment in London, Ontario.  Each child receives a pillowcase to keep when they start treatments.  The wonderful quilters of The Zurich Quilters Guild are heading this up.  They are a small guild and unfortunately, the need is great and never ending.
So far, I haven't received any pillowcases but I'm hoping that you are all busy getting a pillowcase made.
For inspiration, I'm showing you a photo of the pillowcases I finished making up today.

The guild has asked for some Christmas or "Holiday Season" themed fabrics for December.  In my stash of fabric I had some Theresa Kogut fabrics that have been living in my stash far too long.  No longer!  I'm happy to say that some children will really enjoy these fun fabrics in the form of pillowcases and I now have an empty Rubbermaid tub!!

So quilters!!!!...........dig through those stashes and make a pillowcase for these deserving children.  There is a free pillowcase pattern on Connecting Threads website and a video by Missouri Quilt Company on YouTube.


Friday, June 19, 2015

David Taylor Workshop and The Wolf Project

Hello Quilters!

We will start with the BIG news first!  The Wolf Project is ready to quilt!!  After six months of work I'm finally at the stage where I can sandwich the quilt for quilting.  I have a plan for the quilting but will have to buy LOTS of thread first.  The most intimidating aspect of the quilting is the fact that you can't rip anything out without making gigantic holes in the quilt.  You have one chance to get it right!  No pressure there.......  Wish me luck!
The quilting will be done on my trust Juki TL-98Q.  She's 5 years old with lots of miles on her but I think we can do this together.  What I'd really like to quilt it on is the new Juki QVP table  machine.
I'll have to win the lottery first though.
Juki TL-2200QVP-S Sit Down Quilting Machine with Table and Stand - <span itemprop="image"></span>
My dream machine.
Here is the photo I took of the Wolf Project on my design wall.
Please do NOT pin.  Thanks.
The first weekend in June my friend and I attended a three day workshop with David Taylor in St. Jacob's, Ontario.  I can't say enough about what an amazing artist, instructor and person David Taylor is.  His work is beyond beautiful and has won an incredible amount of awards.  He is an excellent instructor who is patient,  well organized and truly engaged.  If you get the chance to take one of his workshops, don't miss the opportunity.  David has an exhausting teaching schedule but still managed to make each student feel like he was there just for them and wanted nothing else but for them to make the best quilt possible.  Fantastic.
Here is the start of my piece.  You will start to see this one progress too.  I have a few other work commitments to work on before I can devote more time to this piece but I love it so far.
Please do NOT pin.  Thanks!
David's approach to making the pattern is completely different from mine so I have to admit, I was really in a whirl the first day of the workshop.  Once I got my head around his method though, it made so much sense and I prefer the finished piece's appearance to mine.  Once I get this quilt done, I will find a way to combine David's techniques with mine.  He uses fabric in a different way too so now I need to go shopping for a different style of fabric.  Good thing I'm going on the July Shop Hop.

Here are a few photos from the workshop and of David Taylor's work.
David explaining his techniques.

Detail of the quilting on the back of his quilt shown above.
A quote by George Kneller:

"To think creatively, we must be able to look afresh at what we normally take for granted."